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Making Money Online Is About Much More Than Just The Sales And Glamour

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Remember that search engine spiders are looking at things like your site title and tagline. This is also how your (www) section of your URL will redirect to your Primary Domain which also boosts your Google rating.

Please don’t change anything if WordPress already filled the spaces, but do concentrate on my following suggestion.

In the Site Title you want to make sure your site title, which targets a specific niche is correct and move on to your Tag Line. This should be where you target your anchor text, but you may also decide to use an attractive slogan with some keywords. Your Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL) should be identical to redirect you URL accordingly.

Make sure that the email address is correct, which is for admin purposes and is also where you are notified of your blog activity. Right beneath “Email Address” you will see a little block indicating “Membership”, you want to ensure that this block is selected and New User Default Role is set to “Subscriber”.

Change Nothing Else, and then click on Save Changes. Another simple exercise to increase your Google rating because Google rating result in better and faster Google Ranking. Search Engine Spiders love order and appropriate targeting so all you’re doing with these simple steps is giving them what they love. A Spider Crawl can range from a few seconds to a few minutes and even hours, but this is largely a result of relevant content.

I know that all the settings with Plugins and Widgets and much more can never be covered in a single post, which is why I’m basing the majority of upcoming posts on WordPress and Google. S.E.O is not all that complicated, but it’s the time it takes to perfect which can be frustrating.

There is nothing on Earth that will bring you the kind of visitors and targeted volumes like Search Engine Optimization. 


It’s Worth the Sacrifice and Dedication because you must aim at branding your name and not just a single product. Unique content is how you gain your audience’s trust.

With the figure 1000 posts in mind, here’s the actual tactic that makes a blog so much more effective – When you post to your blog, you must have the right S.E.O plugins installed so you can optimize each post individually. You also have to set your settings from within your Word Press cPanel inside the permalinks section to “Post Title”. This will then link your post to the primary blog domain where your post title appear after the .com with a / forward slash and then post title. Now when you are targeting your keywords in your blog post title, then these keywords also show in the post URL. This way, each blog post acts as a little “Mini Site” on its own.

Ultimately, if you have as little as Ten Blog Posts that is ten sites out there attracting visitors to the same blog. All done with a few simple Word Press Setting Changes and the Right Plugins. Word Press is literally a Gold Mine when you know where to look and what to change, which will boost your Google Site Rating exponentially. 

Blabbering…? Yes, to the complete newbie this all can sound like blabber because I know it did to me back when I got started and had no clue. We all go through those days of chasing that magic button that will turn our PCs into overnight ATM machines, right? Which is exactly the time when S.E.O seems like way too time consuming, and definitely way too much work. The Truth of the matter is that it’s actually not all that complicated, the key lies in understanding.

In fact most of the tactics, settings and plugins are completely free. You Just Have to Know Where to Look and what to do with them. 


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Adding a favicon to your Blog will boost your Google Rating from 15 – 20%, and it’s the simplest thing to do. In fact, most of the optimization steps are quite basic and real easy to do. You may find that certain themes don’t offer the option of adding a favicon, and that only means a little more work. All you need to do is change your theme, and I can name at least 3 themes that do support the addition of the favicon.

You will find the themes (Redwaves by Themient, ColorMag by ThemeGrill, and Spacious by ThemeGrill) to support both Logo and Favicon addition, both of which is very important. Now just some advice on your Logo as an Affiliate marketer. Always brand your own name and not just a particular product, because it widens your options considerably.

But what is a Favicon? – Let’s use WordPress as an example. When you open the WordPress login or home page, at the top of your browser the site title tab will display a little icon. A tiny blue square with the “W” WordPress symbol. That’s a favicon and is also used as the image to create an app, should you so choose.

All my personal blogs have a Google Rating of no less than 72%, that means it’s a Grade A Site and get the Gold Standard. Now Any Webmaster or professional Blogger will tell you that any score above 70% will rank in record time. As I mentioned earlier, simple steps for surprising results but even with record time we’re talking around 3 – 6 months. That will also depend on your niche, the less your competition the shorter the time to rank.

How to add a favicon – Simply scroll your curser over “Appearance”, and then click on “Header” in the drop down menu. You will now see your blog display with a drop down menu to the left. In the settings you now need to click on “Site Identity” where you will find the option to add a Site Icon, which is the favicon. Preferably images of around 200 x 200 pixels.


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Your amount of sacrifice is determined by the quality of your vision

Working From Home is about more than just the predicted glamour and generating sales. You have to develop a fascination with your Niche in order to establish a common need, for which you have to offer an appropriate, effective and relevant solution. 

Making Money Online is not rocket science, but it is a science that favors preparation and precision with the right timing and content. It's kind of like building a money machine, so to speak, where you have to assemble the right parts in the right sequence. It is a journey which has no final destination, because there is no single method, tactic or system that will suffice on its own. 

It is a combination of methods, tactics and systems which you will only obtain through constant research and testing. An activity where failure is the cornerstone of success, because failure is how you gather knowledge to later be recognized as an Online Professional.

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As a professional WordPress Blogger, I soon learned the importance and undeniable need for Plugins. Personally I use quite a few plugins, which contributes to the fact that new blogs end up with a Google rating of over 90%. And that is after six weeks from launching a brand new blog. 

Now your Google rating is what it takes for your blog and website to rank a lot faster in Google. The higher your rating, the better your boost and it's a simple but effective strategy which has proven itself a thousand times over. Now apart from getting your Google Rating all the way up there, you also want to increase your targeted and interested visitors. 

This is also done by means of a very simple plugin, which I will shortly share with you. The particular plugin I am referring to works by combining WordPress and Twitter, which is fast becoming a Social Giant. You may also want to look into the linking of your social profiles, because it will result in a Tweet getting automatically shared on sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube. 

These three by the way in order of the above sequence are the largest traffic platforms on the planet. The "Trick" so to speak is to get your Twitter Followers to Re-Tweet your content from your blog. 

Now people like sharing content that will make them look good in front of their followers, it's just human nature. Therefore you will have a lot more Re-Tweets with suggestions like inspirational messages and inspiring quotes. 

Which is Exactly what this Awesome plugin will do for you, it Auto Magically includes shareable content at the end of each blog post. Your Twitter Audience will love you for it, and even be excited to share the inspirational quote. And in doing this, they ultimately Re-Tweet your Blog Post which will result in tens of thousands of interested visitors from Twitter. 

This Is The Plugin You Need - But be prepared because I never expected Such an Exponential Traffic increase in such a short period of time. Just install this simple plugin, and watch your sales, engagement and traffic take off like a rocket on Guy Fawkes!

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Opportunity is all around us, you just need to look in the right places at the right time

Leveraging Page rank – Google already provide you with a free tool to check on any site’s page rank. You can access the free page rank checking tool by simply typing the phrase (prchecker) into your browser search, and follow the first link on the search result page. When you do check the page rank of any site, you want to limit your search to the original domain only. An original domain will end with (.com – .info – .net – .co) and so forth, any forward slash (.com/home_addition) must be disregarded in order to get a proven result.

Commenting – Commenting has proved itself highly effective when it comes to targeted exposure, but there’s a difference between commenting and tormenting. When your comments contain tsunamis of affiliate links then you will only be annoying your audience, and your comments will be most likely seen as of a spam nature. Keep it to commenting and not promoting to inspire visitors to visit your profile, not a sales page. You must always comment relevant content by properly reading the content on which you wish to share an opinion.

Guest Posting – In most cases, the high page ranking guest posting sites will want to see proof of content publishing upon guest posting request. Which is why you first have to concentrate on publishing some articles with high ranking publishers. Many guest posting sites will even pay you when your content is published,but you must prove your authorship first. Again you must research the page rank of the guest posting and article publishing sites, and that may require some work to be noticed as a professional writer on high ranking sites. It will not be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth the time sacrifice.

Conclusion – Just by commenting and posting on high ranking sites and publishers, will result in a remarkable increase in your website traffic. 


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